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Potassium pyruvate is white crystalline powder, odorless and tasteless.For the determination of lactic acid, dehydrogenase substrate;It is also a good diet supplement for fitness and weight loss;Widely used in cosmetics.As raw materials for medicine and food additives.

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Pyruvic Acid Potassium Salt is used in the composition containing pyruvate for preventing skin cell damage caused by UV rays.Potassium Pyruvate is a potassium salt of a carboxylic acid with a ketone function indicated for use as a pharmaceutical intermediate.Potassium Pyruvate helps people to lose weight as well as contribute to greater performance or endurance gains.

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Composition C3H5KO3
Assay 99%
Appearance White to off-white powder
CAS No. 4151-33-1
Packing 25KG
Shelf Life 2 years
Storage Store in cool and dry area
Certification ISO.

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