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Triclabendazole feed grade is a specialized type of triclabendazole formulated for use in animal feed. It is an anthelmintic agent used to control and treat liver fluke infections in ruminant animals, such as cattle and sheep. Triclabendazole feed grade is administered in the feed, making it convenient and efficient for dosing animals. It is highly effective against liver flukes and is used for both treatment and prevention purposes. Proper veterinary supervision and adherence to dosage guidelines are essential when using triclabendazole feed grade.

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Application and Effect


Anthelmintic activity: Triclabendazole feed grade is highly effective against liver flukes, which are parasitic worms that infect the liver of ruminant animals.

Broad-spectrum activity: It is effective against both mature and immature stages of liver flukes, providing comprehensive control over these parasites.


Treatment of liver fluke infection: Triclabendazole feed grade is primarily used to control and treat liver fluke infections in cattle and sheep.

Prevention of liver fluke infections: It can also be used as a preventive measure to safeguard animals from liver fluke infestation.

Incorporated into feed: Triclabendazole feed grade is specifically formulated to be mixed into animal feed, allowing for easy administration and efficient delivery of the active ingredient.

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Composition C14H9Cl3N2OS
Assay 99%
Appearance White powder
CAS No. 68786-66-3
Packing 25KG 1000KG
Shelf Life 2 years
Storage Store in cool and dry area
Certification ISO.

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